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Beaches, Birthdays, and Books

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I kind of forgot. Screaming down the freeway with the wind in my fur. Incredible smells zipping past my open window. Mom doing that “sing thing” behind the wheel.

I thought we were headed to The Big Book Place, as usual. But Mom keeps going. Right past the double doors. Hangs a right near the Big Blue. Is that salt air? Sea gulls? A discarded Big Mac?

Oh happy day!

We hit the beach running. Mom hollers, “Happy birthday Kimmi! You’re two years old today!” She brought a blanket, books, the frisbee, and a lunch basket. And extra treats.

Did I say Oh happy day yet?

Mom reminds that today is my birthday. Not sure what that means. But she seems happy about it. So I am too. She also says I’m two years old today. Whatever that means.

Sea gull!

Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah. The beach. Birthdays. Books.

You know Mom can’t seem to go anywhere without a book bag crammed with book thingies. Here’s today’s haul:

Looks good to me!

Now. Who’s game for a little frisbee tag and a lot of shake-off-the-water-ing?

You’re it! Betcha can’t catch the birthday girl!

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