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‘Fat Free’ Seasonal Treat? Have I Got a Deal For You!

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So, how was your Thanksgiving?  A little too much mashed potatoes and gravy?  Are you wearing that third piece of pumpkin pie?  Not to fret.  Here’s a seasonal treat that’s not only “fat free,” it’s $-free, too!

Download your FREE copy of my micro-memoir, Isabella’s Torch: A Thanksgiving Memoir.

Isabella's Torch Cover Photo.3

Grab your FREE copy of Isabella’s Torch today!  Consider it my thanks to you for reading!  Why not make it a two-for? Sign up for my FREE newsletter at the same time.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

One thought on “‘Fat Free’ Seasonal Treat? Have I Got a Deal For You!

  1. Aww, thank you for the lovely shout-out, Kristine! I loved your story, and am grateful that I’ve discovered your writing so that I can read more of it! Have a terrific day! ~ Julie 🙂

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