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‘Something Big’

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“Just a few more minutes” Dad whispered as orange tongues of flame licked the yurt’s wood-burning stove, “and we’ll be warm as toast.”  He winked.  Burrowed under a mountain of blankets, I winked back.

There was Something Big in Dad.  Something you didn’t see at first.  Something you had to look for.

Mt. Rainier Refl. Lakes RESIZEThese are the first two paragraphs in my true-life short story, The Monument.  I just received word that The Monument won First Place in the Christian Creative Writer’s Short Story Contest.

Read the full story here.  It’s short. I promise.  Let me know what you think in the Comments section.


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One other quick announcement: I’m taking off the rest of August thru mid-September to focus on some family projects and priorities. See you back when temperatures start to drop and the winds turn chilly!

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