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Dead Writing Days and Newton


on a clear day..What does a “dead day” look like to you?  The days that feel flannel gray “dead” to me are usually those I haven’t done what I was born to do: write.

Sometimes my creative juices flow into an editorial, blog post, short story or feature article.  Sometimes I write the lead column or bang out a newsletter for a couple non-profits.  Or I rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.  I’m working on a couple projects right now, including a children’s fantasy, a memoir and a travelogue.  I have several irons in the fire.

It’s okay to have a bunch of irons in the fire, the ones I’ve prioritized and am making actual progress on.  It’s also okay to enjoy that great review.  To bask in some hard-won recognition and rewards.  Just don’t stay there and set up camp permanently.  Or spend the rest of your writing career looking back over your shoulder.

Do what you were born to do: keep writing.

Look ahead.  Move forward.  Take the next step.  Knock on another door.  Look for another opening or opportunity.  Grab it.  Keep those creative juices flowing rather than flannel-gray.

1961 -with bookThis may mean stepping outside your comfort zone.  Doing something that’s a bit hair-raising for some artsy-introverted types.  But you’ll never get anywhere as a writer unless you’re willing to grow, reach out, and stretch a bit.

“What?” you say.  “I can’t do that!  I don’t even know where to start.”  That’s okay.  Assess your situation.  Think through some of your writing goals.  You may find it helpful to sit down and jot out a flow chart of where you are today as a writer, where you want to be next year at this time and some possible routes from Point A to Point B.

The best way to miss a target is to have nothing to aim at.

So aim at something specific and take it one step at a time, like:

    • Finding a reputable agent to represent your work
    • Becoming an indie author/self-publishing
    • Attending writer’s conferences, seminars, classes and finding other opportunities to polish your craft.
    • Getting a professional graphic artist to design your book cover
    • Joining a writer’s group and allowing others to critique your work
    • Opening up a Facebook page to showcase your talent
    • Enter a writing contest
    • Hosting a blog tour
    • Writing a review or sharing a link to another writer’s work

Newton Was Right

Newton was right, write?  A body at rest tends to stay at rest, whereas a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  So writer, don’t just sit there.  Move.  Create.  Write.  You can do it!

Looking upWriter, where do you want to be this time next year?  How do you plan to get from here to there?  Do you have a writer friend who could use some help along the way? Share this post with them.

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2 thoughts on “Dead Writing Days and Newton

  1. Hi Kristine, I’ve been wondering where you got to! Looks to me like you have some exciting projects on the go; that’s awesome. I attended IndieReCon last week – a 3-day online writers’ conference (free – yay!) and it was fabulous; I learned so much, although it was exhausting. I did a lot of thinking as a result of the conference, and have decided to refocus my writing and work on my contemporary romance book this year; putting my middle-grade adventure/mystery on hold for awhile, and am still planning to work on my new poetry collection, “Essence of Woman”, as well. Because I’m having to work around chronic health issues it takes a lot more time for me to accomplish things, and a whole lot more energy to get things done … but I think this is a good direction for me for the next couple of years. Great to see your post; you’ve been missed! ~ Julie 🙂

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