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Scrooge?  The Grinch?  George Bailey and Old Man Potter?  A Virginia family awaiting their Daddy’s Christmas Eve homecoming during the Depression? What are the holidays without stories?  What’s YOURS?

Submissions for this year’s Holiday Story Showcase are open!  Here are the rules:

– Each submission must be your original work.  Please include at the top of your submission (email only): 1) Your name; 2) A word count; 3) “Holiday Story Showcase” in the subject line, followed by your title.

– Length: between 300 and 1,500 words.

– Any genre. Stories may be inspirational, fiction, non-fiction, or humorous.  Just make sure they’re G-rated.  (I reserve the right to reject any submission, for any reason.)

– I’m looking for clean, uplifting, family-friendly stories that have been thoroughly proof-read.

– First-person narratives are preferred, but not mandatory.

– Stories can be on any winter holiday.

– You may submit more than one story.

– No remuneration, but you may include links to your web site and/or blog.  Winner and runners-up will be shared in my next newsletter.

Submit here.  Feel free to include appropriate photos.

And keep an eye out for my holiday-themed short story, Man in the Corner.  More later!

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