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Nearly Nine Terrific Tips for Writing Humor

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It’s a wet, rainy day here on the Peninsula.  Rain is slamming the house  sideways.  The wind is howling like a banshee.  (How does a banshee howl, anyway?)  It’s a perfect curl-up-with-a-good-book-by-the-fireplace kind of day.

If only we had a fireplace.

Well, even though it’s anything but dry weather around here, one thing we’re not short of is dry wit.  In honor of this surfeit, I’m throwing in a shameless plug for my newly released micro Ebook.  (It’s not only free, it’s also a quick by-the-fireplace read perfect for a wet, rainy day.  First time in downloadable Ebook format.  What a deal!)  It goes like this:

Have you tried humor writing only to crash and burn? Would your best material outlast the expiration date on a milk carton?  If so, do not despair.  My newest  micro Ebook, Nearly Nine Terrific Tips for Writing Humor, offers clear, concise and user-friendly tips that will have the crankiest curmudgeon laughing in no time!

Download your FREE copy today and do me a quick favor.  Post a review or “Like” it on the Smashwords page.  Then join the party at Kristine Lowder, Writer.  Stop by, leave a comment and be sure to share your own links!  For more, visit: Nearly Nine.

Also, for those of you who write memoirs and/or creative non-fiction, check out: Dream of Things.  Lots of good stuff here.  Worth a look-see.

What writing resources have you found in the last week?  Who or what has helped you pursue your calling as a writer?  Share in the comments section.

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