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Like ‘Ole Bing


I’ve been watching White Christmas every Christmas season for like, uh… fifty years?  So much so that I have most of the dialogue down word-for word.  Can’t help it.  Sure, the movie is a bit thin on plot and somewhat sappy in places, but it just isn’t Christmas without Bob Wallace, Phil Davis, and Betty and Judy Haynes in a snowless Vermont.  Besides, nobody sings the title tune like ‘ole Bing.  Remember this?

2 thoughts on “Like ‘Ole Bing

  1. i suspect there are many of us White Christmas buffs out and about. I still laugh over the “Sisters” number in the club. A wonderful place to grow a smile for the holidays!

    • I once saw a TV interview with Danny Kaye in which he explained that the entire “Sisters” lip sync number he did with Bing wasn’t in the original script. Apparently it was ad-libbed. Danny said Bing was reluctanct to do it (he thought it was “too silly” and “undignified,”) but Danny convinced him with, “Oh, come on! It’ll be fun. Let’s have a few laughs and let the cameras roll. If you really, really hate it, we’ll edit it out later.”

      Aren’t we glad they didn’t!!

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