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Kimber the Magnificent here. You probably noticed I nosed my way into Mom’s ‘bookish’ blog awhile back. Kind of like the way I nose into a New York steak. Top sirloin. Meatloaf. Whatever. Nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, Mom says a whole raft of new readers have recently joined us. I’m not sure what that means. But if Mom’s happy, I’m happy. See my tail wagging? We wanted to say Thank you and Welcome!

Also, for any of you looking for any last-minute gift ideas, today’s my birthday. I’m six! Just sayin’.

Now then. Since it’s my birthday today and some of you may be new readers, Mom thinks some “introductions” may be in order. So here goes:

My name is Kimber. I’m a “rescue dog.” Part Golden Retriever. Part black Lab. A lot Border Collie. That accounts for my smarts and my speed. Mom says both are Off The Charts. Whatever that means.

By way of background, I joined my forever family in August 2016. I was about ten weeks old. (Not that I’m keeping track. But Mom is. You know how moms are.)

One of my baby pictures. I know. I’m adorable.

Mom calls me “Kimber the Magnifcent.” I don’t know why. She just does. But you can call me Kimmi. All my friends do.

I love pretty much everybody. Mom and Dad. My four brothers. The neighbors. Even the postal carrier. And The Powder Puff. She lives down the street. Well. I guess I just tolerate her. I mean, how can you take a dog seriously when she wears those stupid ruffly dress-up thingies? Can you blame me for barking at her? (Some humans have no sense.)

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Speaking of loving stuff, Mom loves reading, writing, and books. She also enjoys “blogging.” But doesn’t always have time. That’s where I come in. I’m nothing if not helpful. Always ready to curl up on her lap when she sits down to “knows” into a new book.

Sometimes Mom reads aloud. Or laughs out loud. Tells me what’s going on in the story. So I get to tell you. From a different perspective. About some of our adventures. Favorite authors and titles. Book reviews and recommends. Stuff like that.

Knows-ing into books and writing isn’t quite like nosing into a New York steak. But it’s close.

You gonna eat that?

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