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Which Reader Are You?


I’m gonna be six years old next month. I’m telling you this now to give you last-minute gift-getters a heads up.

Anyway, Mom insists I’m still a “puppy.” So embarrassing. I keep telling her I’m a lap dog. I mean, really. What’s a measly 55 pounds?

So. I may not be six yet. But I’ve been around long enough to make some observations. Like postal carriers aren’t always friendly. Neither are fences. There’s no such thing as a “ten second rule” when Yours Truly is on kitchen patrol.


Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah. I’ve made some observations in six years-ish. One of them is there are lots of different kinds of readers. You may not think us canines notice stuff like this. But we do. Here are a few of the readers I’ve seen. Any of these sound familiar?

The Soloist

Hear, hear! Or more like, “Quiet down, pronto!” A “solo” reader is the person who Can’t Stand To Be Interrupted. As in, “Can’t you see I’m reading??!!!” They just want to be left alone, absent activity, noise, or conversation when they’re neck-deep in a good story. Or even a mediocre one. Interrupt The Soloist at your peril. (Don’t ask who I know this.)

The Techno Reader

Do you prefer reading on your mobile device? Love your Kindle? Audible? How ‘bout Ebooks or talking books? If the mere notion of thumbing through paper pages or creasing a physical book makes you break out in hives, you may be a Techno Reader.

The Dinosaur

The dinosaur reader doesn’t care how cool your Kindle is. Call ‘em Brontosauri (hi, Mom!), but for these readers, nothing beats holding a physical book in my hands or turning real pages. There’s something about a physical book that an electronic device can’t touch (pun intended).

The Librarian

Does reading at home present too many distractions or time crunches? The Librarian reader prefers the relative quiet and solitude of a library for reading. They value the personal interface with their librarian(s) for book suggestions and recommendations.

The Groupie

This type of reader likes to be part of a group reading effort. They find it easier to keep their reading on track if they know a title is available ahead of time and a discussion will take place a month out or so (hi again, Mom. What?). They also like being able to bounce ideas and impressions off other readers who’ve read the same title during the same time frame.

The Kimber

These readers are happy reading anywhere. Like me. I’m good anywhere my humans are. But I’m at my best on someone’s lap. Just think of me as a 55 pound fur baby. Mom does.

2 thoughts on “Which Reader Are You?

  1. I am the Techno Reader! I don’t have many physical books, and I’ve even bought audible books when I have a printed book because I just don’t like to read paper books anymore.

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