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JUMP Into the Holidays With The Great Book Reunion!

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Kimber here. Doing my magnificent stuff as we jump in the holidays!

Speaking of holidays, have I got a deal for you! It’s an oldie but a goodie: Marjorie Holmes’s classic, Two From Galilee: The Story of Mary and Joseph

After the Earth’s Crust Cooled

The first time Mom read this book was shortly after the earth’s crust cooled. Or maybe it was in 1975? (Let’s not quibble, okay? )

“Oh my goodness!” Her Momness exclaimed the other day. We just finished lugging another dusty box up from the resident archaeological dig (Mom calls it “The Basement.” But I have my doubts).

900 Years ?

Anyway, we opened this box and lo! It was jammed with beloved books from when Mom was a young’un. You know. Like, 900 years ago. (Don’t tell Mom I said that, okay?)

‘The Great Book Reunion’

Well. Did we ever have fun unpacking! “Oos” and “ahs” galore! Mom always does this when she re-discovers a well-loved book. I don’t know why. But her eyes do that shiny-sparkly thing. You’d think she just re-united with a long-lost friend.

Like Two From Galilee.

A Love Story

Marinated in grace and saturated in hope, Two From Galilee is the love story of Mary and Joseph. It begins with their betrothal and takes us to a manger in Bethlehem on a cold, starry night.

Into Your Heart

In between, the lives of Mary and Joseph and their families and friends leap off each beautifully written page and straight into your heart. 

You can almost hear the clip-clopping of patient donkeys. The irascible bellowing of camels. Or taste the barley soup and honeyed raisin cakes. Smell the baked bread, fresh from the oven. Characters are fully formed and three-dimensional. Full of love and loyalty. Fear and failure. Delight and doubt. Anger and astonishment.

It all makes for a wonderful read.

Two From Galilee is the kind of book that makes you want to laugh and jump for joy and grab the nearest tissue all at the same time. Even after 900 years. (Hi, Mom.)

More ‘Reunion-Recommended’ Titles for the Season: 

Here’s some more: 7 Surprisingly Splendid Seasonal Reads.

Oh yeah. About that re-uniting with a long-lost friend thing? I’m pretty sure books count. Especially this time of year.

What would you add?





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