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13 Ways to Finish Summer Reading Strong

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Can you believe September is just around the corner? Summer reading is winding down. Mom is swamped. Or chowing down on cookies ‘n cream ice cream. (Nobody’s perfect.) But hey! You know me, right? Kimber the Wonder Dog is always up for a new book!

So. Here at no extra charge are 13 ways to rock your home stretch reading. From inspirational/personal development to award winners, adventure stories, cookbooks or books set in places you’ve always wanted to visit, there’s something here for everyone. (I’m partial to #2. But let’s not get picky here, okay?)

Before summers goes to sleep, choose some books:

  1. By a local author

Of course this depends on where you live.

Suggestions (Northwest):



  1. Told from an animal’s POV


See the source image

  1. That you can read in one day-ish



  1. That’s been adapted for the stage, the silver screen, or as a television series



  1. Set in a place you always wanted to visit or learn more about



  1. Inspirational/Personal Development


Image result for the shack young cover

  1. A cook book (learn some new recipes and enjoy some new food!)



  1. An award winner


Tuck Everlasting -

  1. That was published 50 years ago or more


  1. An historical novel



  1. A biography or memoir


  1. An action/adventure outdoor story or thriller


Image result for i am still alive kate book cover

  1. Connected to your family heritage or culture



Whew. Mom wants to keep going. But now I need a nap. Who’s with me?


One of my baby pictures.

What titles have you especially enjoyed this summer?

What would you add?

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