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Are You a Discouraged Blogger?


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Remember how you felt when you first started blogging? Wasn’t it a rush? Exhilarating? You had lots to say and probably couldn’t wait to say it.

You wrote and published a bunch of posts sharing your genius with the world. And waited for the world to notice.

And waited. And waited.

And waited.

Maybe you’re still waiting?

By now you understand that blogging is hard work. It takes time. Energy. Commitment. It’s easy to get derailed and discouraged, especially with:

  1. Interruptions. Whether it’s a phone call, an incoming text or email, interruptions may be the bane of any blogger’s existence.
  2. A lack of feedback. Working your tail off to create your latest magnum opus to get little or no feedback – not even a shoulder shrug – can be as discouraging as it is deflating.
  3. Being misunderstood/negative responses. Ack!
  4. Writer’s Block. When the well runs dry.

Sound familiar?

It’s easy to get discouraged. So…

Here are some suggestions to help you stay the blogging course:


Dealing With Interruptions

Some suggestions to reduce those pesky interruptions:

  • Close your office door (or wherever you blog)
  • Let messages go to voice mail.
  • Hang a sign on said door: “Writing.” No, really. It’s an easy way to let everyone know that unless you’re bleeding or just inherited a small fortune, kindly leave me alone for a while. Let me work. I’ll get back to you later. No, really. I will.

Lack of feedback 

It’s easy to feel alone when you’re discouraged. But don’t isolate yourself. That’s a one-way ticket to “Why do I even bother when no one cares-ville.”

Combat those feelings by investing some time and energy into cultivating relationships that will help you through rough patches, pick you up when you’re down, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes. (Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake with double hot fudge can work wonders in this department. If you’re weight conscious, hold the hot fudge.)

Being misunderstood/negative responses

What do you do when a reader misunderstands your message or completely disagrees with you?

It’s tempting to dismiss them as an illiterate peasant. But that doesn’t usually end well. Instead:

  • Honestly evaluate the criticism and consider the source. Does this person have a point?
  • Consider: is s/he offering constructive criticism, or just tearing you down because it makes them feel better?
  • How can you improve? Clarify your message? Explain further?

Bottom line: Don’t feed the Tear Down Trolls. Let them eat somewhere else.

Writer’s Block

Every writer “hits the wall” eventually. The inevitable “blank screen” when you’re fresh out of ideas. When dredging up new inspiration is like trying to recover the Titanic.


When this happens, take a vacation. If you can’t swing a change in scenery physically, take a mental vacation. Stop trying so hard. Take a break from writing and disconnect:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Eat a banana split.
  • Take up line-dancing, a watercolor class, or wood carving.
  • Find a new author.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Change the oil in your car.


Quit stressing about your next blog post or series. There’s something therapeutic and bracing about shifting gears, trying something novel, exploring new territory. Whatever it takes to replenish the well.

How long should your writing vacation last? That’s up to you. But running on fumes isn’t doing you or your readers any favors.

When you start feeling like writing is fun rather than a chore, you’re on the right track.


Don’t give up. Because we need you. Your voice. Your story. Your perspective.


Because you’re one of a kind. No one else sees the world, relationships, issues, topics or Hershey’s quite like you. (Some of you may even own a cat. Nobody’s perfect.)

Without a variety of voices from which to choose, the world would be deadly-dull. Or even worse: the stage for a presidential debate.

Learning to blog effectively and well takes time. But if you put forth the effort on a consistent basis, it’ll pay off.

So be patient with yourself. Remember, blogging is supposed to be fun. In the meantime, here are some…

Tips & Resources to Boost Your Blog:

  • Affordable source for quality images: Canva.
  • Most effective way to drive traffic to my blog: Pinterest
  • Least effective: Facebook and Instagram
  • Two great blogging resources (inspiration & ideas): Jeff Goins, Writer, and Art of Blogging

So ‘cmon. Warm up those blogging muscles and dive in. You got this. Now, go!


What are some of your writing challenges?

How do you address them?


4 thoughts on “Are You a Discouraged Blogger?

  1. Some of my writing challenges are knowing exactly what I want to say but unable to communicate my thoughts into words the way I feel them.

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