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10 Ways to ROCK Read Across America Day!

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Someone has finally come up with an idea I can sink my teeth into! Mom calls it Read Across America Day! Mom is so excited! So I! Am! Excited! Too!

Mom says this special day is a nationwide observance. We’re giving you a little head start. Cuz it coincides with the March 2 birthday of Dr Seuss. You know. That “hat cat” and Grinch guy. (Nobody’s perfect.)

Anyway, Read Across America Day is our kinda day! Yeah, Lassie! One whole day to focus on my favorite two things in the world: reading and books. (Well, okay. Maybe a nice, thick New York steak, too.) So, here are…

read across america day

10 Ways to ROCK Read Across America Day:

  1. Read! A book. Pamphlet. The newspaper. The back of a cereal box. Just take an extra few minutes to read something today.
  2. Visit your library. Don’t make me explain this.
  3. Read aloud to your kids or grandkids or the neighbor’s kids (with their mom’s permission)
  4. Visit a book store and buy something
  5. Turn off the TV. Put down the mobile device. Pick up a real live, honest to goodness book and dive in!
  6. Take a picture of the book you’re currently reading. Post it on social media. Challenge others to do likewise.
  7. Make a list of 5 favorite authors. Have they published anything you haven’t already read? If yes, then you know what to do.
  8. Donate gently used books to a community center, retirement home, or jail so someone else can read, too!
  9. Write a book report on the last book you read. Post it on Goodreads or on your blog.
  10. Revisit a favorite book from your childhood.

Ready? Set? Go!



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