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Works Every Time

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Okay.  I admit it.  I’m totally blown away by the blog meisters who crank out four or five posts a week.  Even worse: those who post on a daily basis.

I’ll admit it again: I’m a teensy-weensy bit envious.

I mean, how do these folks manage it?  And manage to churn out interesting, informative, engaging and otherwise superlative posts day after day, week after week?

Where do they find the time? Where do they get ideas? When do they sleep? Do they own a cat?  (I also admit to some serious canine bias here, but that’s another story.)

I admire these folks.  Their dedication.  Their discipline.  Their lack of a life. outside the blogosphere?

It’s amazing.

A decision

I made a decision awhile back.  In case you haven’t already noticed, I decided not to be one of them.  Unless it comes naturally.  Flows like clear water over a precipice.  Warm honey out of a jar.  Common sense out of political candidates.  Well, you know what I mean.

And something amazing happened.  The less I stressed about blogging, the easier it became.  (Okay, so I’m easily amazed 🙂

Not that I don’t plow into writer’s block now and then.  That little curmudgeon seems to be the bane of all writers at least now and then.  But I don’t stress about it.

When the words don’t come – and sometimes they don’t – I bail.  Go for a walk.  Eat pizza.  Bathe the dog.  Pick daisies.  Watch Lucy and Ethel.  Count stars.  Call my sister three states away.  Listen to Puccini arias.  (Yes, really.)

Instead of forcing it, I disconnect.  Switch gears.  Do something different.  If I’m really desperate, I bake.

Give yourself a breather

Know what?  The muse returns.  She may be “MIA” for a day, for weeks or for longer, but given time, the creative little sprite comes back.  (When she does, I usually can’t get her to shut up.)

Taking a breather from writing can be like swapping out a dead battery for a fresh one.  There’s no sense trying to work off a battery with no juice.  Call that horse dead and find a new one.  Give yourself a break.  A chance to “power down” and recharge.  It may seem counter-productive.  But the renewed energy and vitality are worth it.

So if the writing muse has skipped town on you, be patient.  Disconnect.  Switch gears.  Do something different.  Take time to recharge.  (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend baking, but whatever works.)  If you’re a writer, the muse will return.

Works every time

One last thing.  When writer’s block hits, read.  Really.  Put down your pen.  Lock up your keyboard.  Pick up a book and dive in.

There’s nothing like nestling behind a good book with a great story – or even a mediocre one – to tempt the muse into returning.  I can’t explain it. I just know it works.  Every time.

What do you do to overcome writer’s block?  Share in the comments section.



If you’re struggling with writer’s block, here are some great reads to recharge the ‘ole batteries.  These aren’t how-tos.  They’re just fun and engaging.

Inkheart – Cornelia Funke

The Book of Story Beginnings – Kristin Kladstrup

The Road to Grace – Richard Paul Evans

What books can you recommend?


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